Wisdom Quotes, Wisdom Sayings, Wisdom SMS

Wisdom Quotes, Wisdom Sayings, Wisdom SMS
Wisdom Quotes, Wisdom Sayings, Wisdom SMS

I think teenagers give their hopes up to much, because that's all they can do.

Define me
What defines me?
Is it my...
Can you
define you?

You know that feeling? When you’re just waiting. Waiting to get home, into your room, close the door, fall into bed, and just let everything out that you kept in all day. That feeling of both relief and desperation. Nothing is wrong. But nothing is right either. And you’re tired. Tired of everything, tired of nothing. And you just want someone to be there and tell you it’s okay. But no one’s going to be there. And you know you have to be strong for yourself, because no one can fix you. But you’re tired of waiting. Tired of having to be the one to fix yourself and everyone else. Tired of being strong. And for once, you just want it to be easy. To be simple. To be helped. To be saved. But you know you won’t be. But you’re still hoping. And you’re still wishing. And you’re still staying strong and fighting, with tears in your eyes. You’re fighting.

Religion is for people who fear hell, spirituality is for people who have been there.

i wonder if anyone else ever noticed how uncommon “common” sense really is? shouldnt it be called something like uncommon sense?

dont complain about the snow on your neighboors roof when your own doorstep is unclean

‎"I love you" and "I'm sorry"... most abused words in history.

Nowadays you gotta be careful who you give your heart to.. Because when you give your heart to someone, you also give that person power over your emotions...

the best thing about mistake is learning from....best thing about falling is learning to get up....best thing about me was not where i fell in but how i raised from it =]

When I look in the miror I see a man. Much to be proven to myself but I assure you that the least of much will be so much but that much of the least will be so little.

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