New Message- I'm the type of girl that

I am the type of girl that
(New Message)
I'm the type of girl that:
Smiles when you walk by but frowns when you keep going
Smiles when you touch me on accident
Giggles when you tell a slightly funny joke
Tells you that i have a crush on one of your friends when it's really you
Cries when I drop hints that are to obvious for you to see
Laughs when you walk by when I'm standing next to a guy

Truthfully I love you and I want you here with me!
Date me?

(....Sending to Dad...)

"F*** no..NO ... NOOOO!"


"Damn! Well my life's over!"

(New message)
(From Dad)

WHAT YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER!!! don't get me wrong I love you very much and you are very pretty! But tell me who was that to?

(New message)

Dad that was not met for you of course! It was just a sign from God that I should ask a guy out..

(... sending message to Damin...)


(Sending complete)

"Damn that boi aint gonna talk to me again!"

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