Christmas By Bradley S. Hartman::-

Like an enchanted dream that comes in the night,
To silently twist and fall until everything is white,
As children sleep and dream of unearthly delights,
Like gifts from Heaven that makes all things right.

With eyes all amazed at the fairy tale sights,
Magic, it seems has come in the night,
As trees glisten with bright sparkling light,
And ponds shimmer with silvery ice.

With a blanket of snow so perfect it glows,
No footprints or blemishes yet does it show,
As something in our hearts begin to thaw and flow.

With each flake of snow,
Comes a rare and delicate design to show,
The magic of God in the life that we know,
Letting miracles be seen if taken nice and slow.

So smile at a child,
Or help a stranger in a crowd,
Tell your lover you love them out loud,
Let the seasons feelings abound.

Because it only comes once a year,
And that time is so very near,
So I’d hate to hear that you missed,
All the love of Christ’s Christmas,
And yet another miracle this year.

- Bradley S. Hartman

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