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christmas greeting messages, christmas greetings, christmas greetings messages

Embrace the warmth of Christmas in your heart and soul and spread the goodwill all around.
It’s Christmas time again – feel the magic, feel the joy, feel the glow and see the beauty around you.

The bells the tolling and Santa is coming to town. Step out of your house and feel the magic around.

Everything is beautiful in this season – it is the effect of Christmas

The hues of Christmas are many - they inspire you to give to the needy and spread the cheer.
The best Christmas gift, you can give to your family and yourself is the joy of being together.
Let us toast this season, which has given us a chance to be with our loved ones.
Awaken your feelings of charity and bring great joy to people at Christmas.
Let there be abundance of happiness and smiles for one and all at Christmas

Give charity, spread some smiles and bring cheer to hearts – Its Christmas time!
Forgive all those who have hurt you, make a new beginning at Christmas

Take part in the celebrations – make it the most memorable Christmas ever.
Let the spirit overflow from your heart and spill over to all your dear ones.
Invite your loved ones over to your house and rediscover the magical bonding you have.
Don’t let the happy events happen only once a year; spread it out throughout the year.
It is the time to be happy and celebrate the birth of Christ.

Rediscover all your lost ties – Christmas is the time to connect and celebrate with all.

Fill up your life with love, compassion, tolerance, peace and happiness. Merry Christmas!

Keep your mind and soul beautiful with thoughts of joy, happiness and contentment.
At Christmas let us all pray that the New Year will bring in, abundance of joy and peace.
Let the spirit of love and charity fill up our hearts. Merry Christmas to all of you.
May this Christmas bring colors of joy for you and family.
Wish you and your family a very colorful Christmas.
May Lord bless you with peace and happiness this Christmas

May this Christmas bring along new colors of joy for you and loved ones.
May this Christmas be the best for you.
May the joy of Christmas stay in your hearts forever.
May Santa fulfil all your wishes this Christmas.

May the joy of Christmas grow in your heart forever

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