HOW TO PROPOSE A GIRL | how to impress a girl

A girl is nature's most wonderful creation. She can love like there is no tomorrow and hate like you wish you would die. She can be a protector, a healer a creator and a destroyer. For proposing a girl, certain things have to be kept in mind. It is a bit tricky but not impossible. We bring you some ideas for proposal to a girl. Following tips shall give you ideas of how to propose a girl. 

HOW TO PROPOSE A GIRL | how to impress a girl
  • Do your homework. Get to know your girl well, before you pop the question. Get to know her interests, her dislikes, and her general nature that will help you plan your proposal in a better way. If she is shy and an introvert, propose when you two are alone. If she is sporty and loves adventure, then take her for rock climbing and propose when you reach the top.
  • All girls love flowers. So get a huge bouquet of roses and tell her how much you love her and how much she means to you. Tell her you would like to spend the rest of your life with her or alone. Be ready to be smothered by a genuinely happy woman's hug!
  • Appreciate her for what she is. Tell her "you look beautiful" when she does not have any make up on. Tell her she looks amazing when she is having a bad day and mean it. She will love you for it and will readily agree when you propose. Just don't overdo it, as it may look fake.
  • Girls love to be pampered so when you intend to propose, make sure you are chivalrous enough to make her feel special and at the same time not look vulnerable. Women want a strong man, not a wimp.
  • Don't force her to say yes. The worst you can do is to push her around and threaten her dignity. Tell her to take her time and that you shall wait. Be a gentleman and respect her. Incase she doesn't want a relationship, she will let you know of it then and there.

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